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sales force evaluation

More and more "C" Level Executives are driving Sales Force Evaluation because they want answers before it's too late.

Ten years ago, the power of evaluating a sales organisation using the industry leading evaluation tools was a novel concept embraced by some brave Managing Directors and Chief Executives, but many were still in the dark. 

What's changed?  Today the comprehensive evaluation of a sales organisation has become a necessary, logical and helpful first step in the sales force development process.  It quickly identifies all of the issues; both obvious and hidden, people as well as systems, processes and strategies, with well thought out explanations and actions. A company can easily work on the actionable items for a few years without running out of things to improve. And now, 15 years after the development of the evaluation tools, even more is known about its power.  It's been evangelized.  More companies in the Top 500 are applying these concepts and more satisfied customers are singing its praises.  It's now more or less the standard thing to do rather than the novel.  The only challenge to evaluating the sales organisation is resistance. A lot has been written about resistance. Bob Kriegel, author of three great business books says that people resist for one of four reasons:
  1. Fear
  2. Complacency
  3. What's in it for me?
  4. They'll be dumped on (the Pigeon Effect)

Weak sales managers tend to resist up front - they don't want any part of a process that could possibly reflect badly upon them.  Salespeople tend to resist later, when they aren't ready to agree with an accurate finding.  "C" level executives and brave sales managers who genuinely want to improve tend not to resist at all and, if change is to take place, they are the ones that need to drive the process. From our experience, working with some of the world's fastest growing companies, when direct reports resist, strong executives will push and pull them along, whilst the weaker ones may fear the push-back, giving validity to the resistance movement and preventing change from ever taking place.

Growing a company is all about change.  It's never about standing still.  Do you embrace change, always looking for a better, more efficient, more effective way to get the results you're after?  Or, do you embrace the status-quo?

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