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Practical solutions to improve the performance of your sales team

  1. Increase the performance of your team. We offer the world's leading sales force diagnostic for your entire sales team including sales management which will form the backbone to identifying potential sales winners who are capable of selling 2, 3, even 4 times more than they are now.

  2. Repeatedly hire sales winners! You’ll never again waste recruitment budget because our Express Screen pre-employment test isolates those who will sell from those who might sell your type of products or services.


    “Our sales team needed to hear it from someone else, and we needed the reinforcement of an external, deeper assessment.”

    Lee Hawksley, Sales and Marketing Director, FortyTwo International

    Farmers or Hunters? Our report identifies
    who is best at developing new business and who
    is best at managing existing business so you can redefine their roles according to their strengths, then plan growth strategies accordingly.

  4. We quantify the improvement you can expect
    from your sales team and from each sales person.

  5. Identify potentially outstanding sales people. Our detailed report identifies those who
    possess unusually strong or weak characteristics for selling roles. You will identify your potentially outstanding sales people and increase your expectations and theirs, hold them accountable for results and reward them accordingly.

  6. Increase the percentage of closes and win repeat business from your sales team by acting on the precise information you receive on the state of your sales cycle/pipeline. You will be able to introduce measures to remedy existing weaknesses and increase your team’s success percentages.

  7. We empower and inform your sales team. When each member of your team receives an individual evaluation in a friendly, easy-to-understand format, they know the vital role that they play in business success and their own professional development.

  8. We identify common failings amongst your sales team and make recommendations so you can target training programs and rectify specific limitations.

  9. Improve the Sales Managers-sales team relationship. We identify why certain team members under-perform so that your Sales Managers can train, develop, motivate and reward appropriately to not only meet sales targets and your business objectives, but also increase employee satisfaction and success.

  10. Our evaluations are easy to understand. We use no psychology, personality, behavioural or ability profiles – just practical, tangible reports evaluating the capacity of your sales team to execute the skills they have.

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