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How may salespeople would you hire this year if you knew they would all succeed?

400,000 people assessed. >95% accuracy predicting sales success in your environment.

75% of candidates, hired against the recommendation, failed, usually within 6 weeks. 

Of the sales candidates recommended and hired, 95% ranked in the top half of the sales force

after 12 months of employment.

You'll learn more about the candidate's potential sales performance than you ever believed possible before you’ve even sighted a resume or been subjected to their inimitable charm!

EXPRESS SCREEN - Sales Talent Acquisition Routine
Imagine a tool so reliable that you could eliminate >95% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople and sales managers and never again be fooled by an individual's charming personality, perfect track record or exaggerated resume.

The Sales Talent Acquisition Routine known as "STAR" is a  sales specific recruitment solution that incorporates a site license for the industry leading Sales Candidate Assessment Express Screen, allowing unlimited testing and Express Reference automated reference checking of candidates before you interview. 

STAR will deliver huge savings to your bottom line by increasing your pool of potentially hireable candidates and reducing sales turnover, recruitment time and costly mis-hires. 

Warning:  There are many new, unproven assessments that claim to be sales assessments, "the best", or other superlatives.  The assessment tools used by Objective Assessment were designed and developed by the pioneers of the sales assessment industry from 1989 who have continued to enhance and improve these offerings.  Don't settle for claims.  Look at the history.  These tools have assessed over 400,000 salespeople and evaluated more than 8,000 sales forces since 1990.  The accuracy is legendary.  The insights are unique.

What Makes Express Screen and STAR different?

Unlimited use of Express Screen until your position is filled successfully (Conditions Apply).


Measures the primary thing you need to know about a sales person: their ability to execute in your unique sales environment. Behavioural vs Express Screen.


Incorporates a 12 module training workshop for everyone involved in the sales hiring process.


Over 400,000 people have been assessed using Express Screen with a >95% accuracy in predicting sales success.


The old way was to assess the shortlist, have a couple pass and hire one. The new way is to assess everyone, have many who pass, hire the best and build a database of "hireable" people. 


Per position costing rather than per assessment eliminates the temptation to let cost be the driver.

** For Recruiters. Screen against multiple client profiles to identify perfect match.

STAR Training Modules

Your hiring managers will learn how to:


 Understand salespeople and know what to look for,


  Source potential candidates,


  Use automation to save time,


  Read and use the information in a resume,


  Maximise a sales specific pre-employment assessment,


  Qualify sales candidates on the telephone,


  Conduct a sales interview,


  Prepare compensation, documentation and the job offer,


  Conduct the final interview, and


  Manage the new salesperson for the first 90 days.

"...a positive side effect to implementing STAR is the elevation in each managers morale and enthusiasm as "A" class candidates are interviewed and hired."

Managing Director





"...cuts through the nonsense of searching through resumes. Increased our success with new hires from 50% to 80%”  Our managers can now source and interview and we've saved thousands on agency fees."

National Sales Manager



 *Times quoted for selection processes above may vary according to your internal processes.

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