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Objective Assessment undertakes recruitment assignments for sales and sales management professionals using the Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR). All consultants involved in the assignment have been accredited in STAR.
Sales people are different and identifying, assessing their suitability for your specific role, in your unique sales environment requires a process different to the one you would use to recruit any other functional role.

The STAR process
  • Reduces the potential “hostage” situation by providing you with a constant stream of “hireable” candidates

  • Demystifies sales people

  • Provides a hiring recommendation on every candidate

  • Identifies training needs at the hiring stage

  • Provides conditions for hiring

  • Gives performance warnings

  • Identifies how severe the candidates weaknesses are & what effect they will have on performance if hired

  • Uses a sliding salary scale.  Higher Salary = Tougher Criteria

  • Measures candidates against your unique sales profile

  "It's dynamite.  The recruitment process we developed with Objective Assessment has assisted us in attracting the right people; this has provided greater stability in our sales team”

General Manager Operations, Toyota Material Handling Australia

FACT: "92.3% of sales people recruited through Express Screen  performed better than existing sales people.”

Why Do Some Recruiters Fear Assessments?

An article by Dave Kurlan
"...Many candidates are advised not to take on line sales assessments
before at least a phone conversation."
Why do you think that is?
  • Recruiters don't believe in them?

  • Recruiters think they add an unnecessary step to the process?

  • Recruiters think they are smarter and can provide better insights than an assessment?

  • Recruiters feel threatened that they don't have total control when presenting the candidates?

  • Recruiters don't understand the assessments and don't want to be in a position where they must defend a finding?

  • Recruiters waste candidate's time for positions for which the candidate is unsuited?

You could probably make a case for any or all of those potential reasons but the real issue is this:

Most recruiters are in the business of selling sales candidates, presenting those candidates in the best possible light and hoping a client chooses one of their candidates.  OK so far.  But if their superstar candidate has to take a sales assessment, especially if it's the world-leading Express Screen  Assessment, the candidate's ability or lack thereof to perform in that company will be revealed.  Take into account that in general, about half of the candidates screened by our assessment are considered not suitable for the position for which they applied.  For more senior sales positions, as many as 75% may not be suitable. That may help you understand the recruiter's reluctance to allow their candidate to take the assessment.  After all, who is the recruiter looking out for - the client or the candidate?  Well, neither.  The recruiter looks out for number one.

I'll get a lot of flack over this article.  People will say that I'm unfairly characterizing recruiters as dealers of human flesh and that there are recruiters who not only use and pay for assessments themselves, but who guarantee the performance of the salespeople they place. I agree. If you must use a recruiter, use one of them!
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