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The Assessment for Professional Service Firms was designed EXCLUSIVELY for professionals who need to develop new business but who DON't SELL (Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Engineers.

This assessment considers partners and associates in professional services firms who may be facing the challenge of:

  • securing new clients for the firm

  • a change in culture across the firm

  • a renewed focus on business development, or

  • a continuing effort to grow the firm’s revenue

The Client and Business Development Overview

Using the factors identified for success in your unique environment and the information collected from the individual evaluations, the Client and Business Development Overview delivers a comprehensive insight into the business development capabilities of your firm including instructions on how to improve overall effectiveness.

It will enable you to:

  • analyse critical Business Development issues in your firm

  • understand the specific areas requiring development to improve your revenue performance

  • identify the suitability of individuals for Client and Business Development

  • identify the obstacles to New Business Development within your firm

  • plan for the development of Partners and Associates

More on How Professional Firms can Benefit

 In addition it:

  • delivers a personal evaluation to each individual partner and associate

  • illustrates the strengths each individual is capable of contributing

  • identifies specific areas for improvement amongst your people

  • details training and development needs

  • reveals the hidden problems of which you weren’t aware
  The Client and Business Development Overview assumes that your people have a primary responsibility other than selling but are expected to develop strong client relationships and bring in new business from time to time.  
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