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Delivered with local expertise, our world renowned process towards excellence for your sales and business development managers and their teams:

You are committed to achieving excellence for your frontline teams so our promise to you is to make the evaluation process the fastest and most effective available in Australia. Our process has been simplified through on-line access to provide a no pressure, self-paced procedure for you and your team. Best of all, it takes just days to implement!

Here are the 3 simple steps to achieve your objective assessment:

  Step 1 – Evaluate the entire team from management down  

  Step 2 – Review the results
  • Objective Assessment’s Development Expert provides a comprehensive and personal review of the results from step 1.
  • You receive the Management or Business Development Overview.
  • Your managers receive the results from their individual Self-Assessment.
  • Salespeople, Partners, Associates receive the results from their Self-Assessment.

  Step 3 – Solutions Provided
  • Depending on the findings, we recommend a specialist who is capable of solving any specific problems we’ve identified. This may include sales management coaching, sales training, pipeline development, sales process mapping, activity tracking or sales person assessment. Recommendations are determined by the results of the complete evaluation.

  • Your Company's Selling Profilewhat people must do to be successful in sales, client or business development in your business.

  • Sales Management Priorities – priorities for your business.

  • Sales Manager Self Assessment – your Sales Manager’s chance to self assess as a sales management professional.

  • Salesperson Self-Assessment and Pipeline opportunity for your sales people to self-assess in their role as sales professionals.

  • Partner/Associate in a Professional Services Firm suitability of individuals to Business Development


  ”The online Sales Force Tracking is well planned out and very easy to use. It’s an invaluable tool for tracking the growth of my salespeople and planning for coaching on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. I can easily view each salesperson’s current progress and plan my next action step for developing a most effective sales force.“  

  “In less than two years, we’ve easily doubled our sales . . . our people are really getting it, and the investment is paying off.”  
Objective Assessment is the exclusive Australian distributor of the Evaluation and Assessment tools designed and developed exclusively for sales and business development by Objective Management Group in Massachusetts, USA. For the most trusted and powerful assessment of your sales and BD team, contact Objective Assessment for more information.

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