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Management and Business Development Overview

This comprehensive evaluation of your entire frontline function using the Dave Kurlan Sales Force Profile gives you the most important information about your sales and business development organisation that you will ever receive – within days – it’s that fast. Using the factors identified for success in your unique environment and the information collected from the individual evaluations, the Management and Business Development Overview sheds light on problems with:

  • the effectiveness of your Sales and Business Development Managers
  • your hiring criteria
  • the state of your pipeline
  • whether your frontline teams are capable of supporting your priorities
  • how comfortable your team is with your strategy for going to market
  • business being lost as a result of the potential problems, and suggests changes that should be made to your systems
In addition it:
  • illustrates the hidden problems of which you weren’t aware
  • identifies weaknesses common to your frontline people
  • identifies who on the team should be performing better and what you must do in order to help them reach their potential

Warning:  Evaluate your team - not just the individuals

Most assessments concentrate on individuals.  Now we can  deliver comprehensive and concise information on each team and the entire sales and business development function in your organisation -- and it's very fast and very accurate.
The assessment tools used by Objective Assessment were designed and developed by the pioneers of the sales assessment industry from 1989 who have continued to enhance and improve these offerings.  Don't settle for claims.  Look at the history.  These tools have assessed 250,000 salespeople and evaluated more than 7,000 sales forces since 1990.  The accuracy is legendary.  The insights are unique.

Included in your Management Overview is The Executive Summary which compares your sales force to the target levels and the average of all companies previously evaluated on Crucial Success Factors, Major Performance Factors, State of Sales Management, Training Factors and Organisational Growth Potential.

For the Professional Service Firm there is a Client and Business Development Overview. This evaluation assumes that your people have a primary responsibility other than selling but are expected to bring in new business from time to time.

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  "The people identified as non-trainable are still producing and are a valuable part of the company, the trainable people are showing great strides.... and the people who have no desire or commitment are working for other companies.”  "We are a 42 year old company.  We are 5 months through our fiscal year and 46% ahead.”

CEO of a large manufacturing company after completing the Sales Force Evaluation.


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