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This online Sales Assessment tool reports on the strengths and weaknesses of every individual involved in sales, sales management, client and business development on your team and how these strengths and weaknesses may affect their ability in the field. Designed to be read by the individual it reveals and gives instruction on how to maintain the strengths and overcome the weaknesses.

Versions of the evaluations include:

  "Our Management Overview will tell you who will respond to training, how much training they need, and the kind of help from which each will benefit. Go from ‘good to great’ by learning which of your existing people should be on the bus, which seats they should be in and who should be off the bus!”  
  • Salesperson – Internal or external sales, telemarketing, telesales, products and services

  • Sales Manager – Manager of internal or external salespeople

  • Non-Selling Individual – Inbound telemarketing, customer service

  • Professional Service Firmsdesigned and developed EXCLUSIVELY for consulting professionals: accounting, legal, architectural and engineering

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Warning:  There are many new, unproven assessments that claim to be sales assessments, "the best", or other superlatives.  The assessment tools used by Objective Assessment were designed and developed by the pioneers of the sales assessment industry from 1989 who have continued to enhance and improve these offerings.  Don't settle for claims.  Look at the history.  These tools have assessed 250,000 salespeople and evaluated more than 7,000 sales forces since 1990.  The accuracy is legendary.  The insights are unique.


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