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  The emphasis of SalesTrack is on holding salespeople accountable. 

If you need to be more effective getting your people to perform the activity and behaviour called for in their plans; coaching from the results of their activity and behaviour; or collecting the data from their activities, SalesTrack is for you.
What's more it's 100% online so there is no software to purchase.


  • Provides a simple way to collect activity data from your salespeople on a weekly basis

  • Internet based so it can be accessed from anywhere

  • Allows you to customise the steps of the sales process

  • Activity is analysed and reported back to both salesperson and sales manager

  • Salesperson receives weekly customised coaching on applicable core competencies, identification of their bottlenecks, and a performance comparison to others in their group

  • Sales Manager receives a fully customisable weekly report that summarizes all of the salesperson reports and provides coaching, debriefing, performance improvement matrix, weekly, monthly and quarterly results by group

  • No Software to purchase




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