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How many mistakes have you made when it comes to hiring salespeople?
Not just the ones who failed, quit, or moved on, but those you still have who didn’t become as successful as you had hoped. Most companies make these mistakes and many will repeat them because they possess the mistaken belief that “it’s just the way it is in my business”.

If you haven’t settled for mediocrity you can drastically improve your chances of hiring strong salespeople each and every time. Our Corporate Recruiting System is a 5-step process for recruiting top-notch salespeople, featuring the use of its highly touted Express Screen for Sales Candidates. The Express Screen is a time-tested, proven, highly accurate, fast, easy, powerful, customised sales specific tool for selecting candidates who WILL succeed, not only in sales, but also in your company, with your products or services, and in your marketplace.

  • Time-Tested – the industry-leader since 1990
  • Proven – Validated and EEO Compliant.
  • Accurate – 95% of the candidates recommended are successful!
  • Fast – Candidates are usually finished within 30 minutes. You get the results emailed directly to you 5 minutes after that.
  • Easy – There’s nothing to learn. Nothing to interpret. We tell you if they should be hired or not!
  • Powerful – You’ll learn more about how the candidate you’re about to interview will perform in your sales position than you ever believed possible.
  • Sales Specific – This is one of the only pre-employment tests developed by a sales expert for testing salespeople.
  • Customised – We marry our proven criteria for what it takes for a salesperson to succeed to your criteria for what it takes for a salesperson to succeed in your company. After they meet our criteria, they have to meet your criteria as well.

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