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There may never be a better time than now to take market share from your competitors

According to a survey conducted by the CEO Institute in their national March survey, members said that the #1 challenge, for the rest of 2009, was “maintaining sales” (

An interesting response and a significant challenge when considering the findings uncovered from evaluating the potential of thousands of sales forces revealed that some (or all) of their sales people were struggling to make the numbers in the good times! 

The real message we’re hearing from CEOs:

  • Many of them come from either an operational, finance or other professional background and understanding the sales force does not come naturally to them. 
  • Cost cutting is the path most familiar during tough economical times. 
  • They’re concerned that sales management is not doing all they can to grow sales. 
  • Most are not sure how to accurately diagnose the problem or how to fix it.

Do you believe that your sales force is capable of achieving a strategy to increase or at least maintain market share right now?  

The good news is that there may never be a better time to take business from your competitors. 

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