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How Can You Evaluate & Develop the Effectiveness of Your Sales Managers?

In order to determine how to develop your Sales Managers you must also look at the Salespeople who report to those managers. To understand this, consider it from outside the world of the sales organization.

If we wanted to assess the effectiveness of the teachers in a school system, we would certainly have to look at the teachers on a school by school basis. However, would an assessment of the teachers, grouped by school, truly demonstrate their effectiveness? Absolutely not. It would tell us what they know about teaching, how they approach teaching and what they do when they are teaching. It would not provide insights to their effectiveness. If we truly wanted to learn about their effectiveness and ultimately, how to develop our teachers so that they could be exponentially more effective, we must look at their students and objectively assess and analyze their effectiveness in a number of benchmark areas.



These are the five  sales management best practices to which all Sales Managers must aspire.  Request more information. 


Too Many Sales Trainers Fail to Differentiate Between Sales Management and Sales

If you truly wish to learn how effective your Sales Managers are and how to develop them, you must look at both the Sales Managers and the Salespeople who report to them. Only then can you accurately identify the areas in which sales managers are failing to develop their people to reach their fullest potential.

When it comes time to initiate the sales force development process, it does make sense to begin with the sales managers but first you must determine exactly what kind of development the sales managers require, where they need improvement, where they must be more effective, and on what and who they must focus more of their time. Evaluating them in isolation is not acceptable.

When you know this only then can you expect to achieve success from any Sales Management Development Program. 

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